Sit down with city council members Zadeh, Zimmerman

Fort Worth city council representatives are preparing for the general election on May 6, where voters will decide on council members from districts two through nine, along with the next Mayor of the city.

We sat down with two city council members from the surrounding TCU community including Ann Zadeh, from district nine, and W.B. “Zim” Zimmerman from district three.

“I represent the urban core,” said Zadeh. “Areas that don’t have a lot of open space for new development but have a lot of redevelopment coming.”

Zadeh is running for her second full term and wants to focus on redevelopment and transportation in the city.

“We need to provide other options for getting around instead of driving in their single-passenger vehicles,” she said.

Councilman Zimmerman has been serving on the city council since 2009 and wants to focus infrastructure along I-30 and I-20.

“I’ve got both inside the loop and outside the loop,” said Zimmerman. “But right now my focus is on the outside of the loop because right now we have a tremendous amount of growth starting up on the west side of town.”

Both council members will be running opposed in the general election, however, both said they plan to be active in the community regardless of the outcome.

“I’ve got some things I would like to see completed before I get off of the council,” said Zimmerman. “But, if I don’t get re-elected, I’m not sure that the world comes to an end at that point.”

“I will continue to serve the community no matter what my role is,” said Zadeh. “If I have an official role as a city council member I will continue to work to make Fort Worth a great place to live, work and play and if I don’t I will continue to do that in some other way.”

Voting will take place Saturday, May 6.

For more information on voting or to find a voting station near you visit the city of Fort Worth website.