Students start news publication to counteract campus biases

Three students are have launched a news website for political and campus news.

The Freedom Frog is supposed to be an “alternative perspective of campus and national news by providing honest content, intellectual diversity, and rational analysis for the Texas Christian University community,” according to its site.

Founders, Matthew VanHyfte, Annabel Scott and Ashley Sherman, said they developed the site after being “disheartened by the one-sided, biased coverage” on campus.

“Academia college is for students to form their own opinions and we like to have both sides shown,” said VanHyfte, the managing editor and chief of staff.

Annabel Scott, editor-in-chief, said that they are hoping for growth but that the readers can expect their mission to remain the same.

“We strive to balance the campus news publications and act as a watchdog for the faculty and administration,” said Scott. “We want to make them accountable for pushing their beliefs on students when instead they should be showing both sides and letting students come to their own opinions.