Early voting ends today

Thursday afternoon was the last day Tarrant County voters could line the entrance of the Brown-Lupton University Union to cast their vote and obtain the famous “I voted” sticker.

Early voting began Monday Oct. 24 and will officially end Friday Nov. 4 at 7 p.m.

About 3,389 people voted at the BLUU since early voting began on Oct. 24, according to the Tarrant County website.

First-time voter Callie Welsh said that voting is especially important for college students.

“We [college students] have a unique view of society,” Welsh said. “As the youngest generation of voters, we have fresh ideas and opinions and should express them through our right to vote.”

As of Nov. 3, 424,823 citizens have casted their votes at the 49 polling locations around Tarrant County, according to the Tarrant County website.

First-year pre-business major Catherine Boring spoke about her experience voting for the first time.

“The experience was very rewarding because I felt like my voice really mattered and I was an active member of society,” Boring said.

On Election Day voters should bring a valid photo identification to the polls.

Tarrant county registered voters can begin casting their votes on Election Day at 7 a.m. A list of the Election Day polling locations can be found on the Tarrant County

Interactive map made my Isabella Masiello

Reporter: Nicole Strong